sputum suction bag
disposable suction tube
disposable sputum aspirator
nasal feeding tube(gastric tube)
airway catheter anesthesia combined package
medical mouth-nip(teeth cushion, gastroscope mouth-nip,air duct)
disposable feeding device
one-off negative pressure drain
disposable nasal oxygen tube
disposable oxygen mask
disposable mask(anaesthetic mask)
disposable mask(nebulizer mask)
one-off air duct
anesthetic gas-bag
sillica gel threaded line pipe, white threaded line pipe,atomizer tube
breathing circuits using on the anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators
breathing circuits using on the anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators
anesthetic laryngopharyngoscope
simply respirator
silica gel¡¢PVC first aid ball
silica gel first aid ball
PVC first aid ball
anesthetic laryngopharyngoscope
anesthetic laryngopharyngoscope
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  ¡¡¡¡Taixing Gaoxing Medical Equipment Co, Ltd was founded in1988. The company occupies a total area of over 10,000 square meters and the area of the factory workshop is 3,000 square meters. Our factory has a class 100,000 cleanroom and the greening area accounts for over 30% of the total area of the company. Our company is the professional manufacturer that products the medical polymer products and materials. With the reliable quality,the best service and the competitived price,our products are sold both at home and board.
¡¡¡¡Main products£º
¡¡¡¡Medical polymer products and materials:Sputum suction bag,Disposable sputum aspirator,Disposable suction tube,Nasal feeding tube(Gastric tube),One??-off negative pressure drain, Medical mouth-nip(Teeth cushion,Gastroscope mouth-nip,Air duct),Disposable nebulizer package(Nebulizer nozzle, Nebulizer tube), Disposable mask(Anaesthetic mask,Nebulizer mask),Disposable feeding device.
¡¡¡¡Equipments and appliances used in operating room,first-aid room and consulting room:Simply respiroator, Anesthetic laryngopharyngoscope,Breathing circuits used on the anaesthetic apparatus and ventilators,Airway catheter anesthesia combined package.
¡¡¡¡Hospital nursing equipments and appliances:Disposable nasal oxygen tube,Disposable oxygen mask.
¡¡¡¡Over the years our company has always adhered to ¡°quality is first,goodwill is supreme,customer is satisfied,¡± for purposes of bussiness. With the innovation of products and improvement of quality and technology, our company has achieved ISO13485 certification and CE certification and become a member of the jiangsu Province Association for Medical Devices Industry.Our company is sincerely willing to provide quality services for the hospitals, the sales companies and the Professional people.
¡¡¡¡Hearty welcome the customers, old and new,both at home and abroad to choose and buythe ¡°TAIGAO¡±brand products.
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